What is Hybrid Work? 

Hybrid working has become so popular in the recent past. Before 2020, you would have probably mentioned working from home, and everyone would have given you strange stares? It is safe to say Covid was not all that bad. At least we invented ways to work, earn an income, spend time with our loved ones while staying safe. What is hybrid working? Basically, hybrid working merges office and remote working while maintaining balance and productivity. This means;

  • You could have people working in the office, while others work remotely. 
  • You could have employees work from the office for part of the week and then work remotely for the rest part of the week 
  • A combination of the two methods above
  • You could have employees work remotely from any part of the world.

Why Hybrid Work?

Free people work better than slaves. This is a cliche saying that is rather true and direct. An employee that works some days from the office, and others remotely is sure to be more productive, than the one who sits 9-5 staring at the screen of a computer. 

The motivation that comes with allowing an employee to choose their own working schedule is understated. An employee may be so productive at 3:00 am at night, that they can do more than they are required to. However way you look at it, a hybrid working model is a win-win situation for the company and the employees. 

Hybrid work encourages a working parent to interact with their families more, through dinner time, picking the kids from school and much more. Your employee is more likely to smile in the office, if they had spent quality time with their family the previous day. A smiling employee is a happy and productive one. 

Making Hybrid Work Work

So how do you make hybrid work work for you and your organization? Going by the tremendous changes in the workplaces, and adoption of hybrid working models by most companies, you could lose your best employees, if you are not willing to try hybrid. Study shows that most employees are ready to change jobs if their employees are adamant to evolve. Here is how to make hybrid work work.

Create a Great Workplace 

Don’t let your employees want to work from home just because the workplace is unbearable. When the workplace is friendly, conducive, relaxing, and comfortable, you will find your employees wanting to work from the office. They will look forward to going back if they are working remotely. Facilitating opportunities for learning, encouraging the employees, recognizing employee efforts, good communication and regular treats are some of the ways you can create a great working place. 

Establish a Hybrid Working Policy 

Let’s be honest. When there is no one to supervise, an employee can sleep on the job literally. Hybrid working is exciting, especially if one has to work from home. Take for instance an employee that has never been home on a Monday, this could be a perfect opportunity to hang out, go shopping or just spend time out there. This calls for a working policy between the organizations and the employees. The policy could include the working terms, expectations, and task deadlines. 

Facilitate Collaboration

virtual collaboration is a popular thing now. social media is a good communication tool to make announcements, survey employees, and raise issues. the most popular communication tool is probably videoconferencing. videoconferencing allows employees to interact and catch up, even when working remotely.

Balance on Employee Benefits 

For starters, ensure that the hybrid working models you put in place will work for everyone. Don’t let some employees work remotely while others work from the office throughout. Hybrid working is good for the organization when everyone is in it. 

Encourage employees working remotely by making sure they receive work-related updates and information promptly, just like those in the office. Incorporate perks for your employees. You can send them goodies at home or birthday cards. Some days are good in the office. Ensure that the treats get to those working remotely. 

Implement Virtual Meetings 

Meetings are good for communication and maintaining a consistent connection between employees and managers. Some employees carry so many ideas that can benefit your organization. Regular meetups will encourage the employees to speak up. 


Study reveals that 71% of employees want the hybrid working model. This is so because this model allows employees to give more attention to their families, while still working. If an employee can feel cared for by an employer, they are likely to give their all even when working remotely. Shifting to a hybrid model means less office space. 

Many companies around the world have adopted the hybrid model, and it has worked for them. In this current era, hybrid models are the new normal. Adopting one that works for your organization is a sure shot if you want a healthy working environment, healthy employees and better yet productivity in your company.