Your business is running successfully without a website. And so you might be wondering why you’d ever need to think about one. But the fact you found yourself reading this means you probably do. FYI: a significant number of online clients will visit a website before they purchase.

Some businesses might be reluctant to go online, citing a lack of time or complexity when maintaining a website. In any case, a digital presence can significantly impact your business. For all that time, here’s what you’ve been missing if you don’t have a website.

Benefits of Having a website for your business

Here are reasons why your business is better off with a website and if want to stay ahead of the game.

Why does your business need a website? Customers can find you when they search online.

For a moment, consider this – statistics as of 2022 indicate that users make over 3.5 billion searches on Google yearly. And that 58.4% of customers in the report purchased a product or service online each week. That should click something in your mind. If you’re not online, you are limited to a small number of customers.

To find new prospects, you need to know where they go looking for suppliers and where they are buying. More often than not, the place most people go to the internet for their search.

They do this on Google, Bing or Yahoo-with Google taking 86.19% search engine market share on desktop searches globally by the end of 2021. You need to take this into account in your digital marketing strategy.

Assuming that you don’t need a website significantly reduces the potential of your business to make a profit. So wait no longer. Get online.

Why does your business need a website? You can improve the credibility of your business.

Among the top reasons why your business needs a website is increasing trustworthiness. Customers are only ready to build a relationship with a company they trust. A website is a sure way to engage with them. Show the world you take your businesses seriously, and they, too, will.

It’s prudent to invest in a professional website. Indisputably, someone else is offering the services you have or is selling a product similar to yours. It would help if you stood out from the competition by creating a high-quality website.

Besides, your website will help consumers get any information they require about your brand. Not having a website can question your credibility and damage your reputation.

Why does your business need a website? It helps increase your customer base.

Assuming you have an SEO-optimized website, you can appear in search results when people search for your service. Small businesses can use SEO as a strategy to improve traffic and help organic ranking on search engines. It’s a terrific way to communicate your brand’s value to your audience.

However, good SEO requires time and skill to execute. You might need to establish a blog on your website where you create and publish high-quality content. In addition, a blog is a sure way to increase website traffic and attract leads.

You can do that by targeting specific keywords that help you rank on search. You can use SEO tools to identify appropriate low-competition keywords to assist you in organic search.

Why does your business need a website? A website provides a better user experience.

Unfortunately, customers will often end up dissatisfied. If you have a running business, existing customers often call to make inquiries. But it’s not always possible to pick up calls or answer text messages during working hours. You don’t want endless distractions when working, do you?

So there should be an easier way to find and know more about your company. A website allows them to stay in touch with what you do and get answers to their questions about your business.

Having a website allows you to communicate your values as a business and what makes you unique. Providing all the information a customer need is invaluable.

You can display your contact information on every page or create a contact form for potential customers. Ultimately it saves you time and provides a better user experience for website visitors.

Why does your business need a website? You can promote products and services.

Creating videos to market your brand is a fantastic way to engage customers. According to a recent study, 72% would prefer to learn about a product or service on video.

Videos can help potential customers envision how a product or service works. It’s also a great strategy to inform, educate, and entertain your visitors.

A basic product demonstration can give your customers a rough idea of how your product works. One of the strategies you might want to try is to embed videos on your pages. You can add videos on the homepage, product and service pages and blog.

Typically, your website will get a boost when you add a video. This is because it improves page quality and increases web visitors’ time on the pages. So, video is a win for your audience and you.

Why does your business need a website? It gives you more visibility.

Most of your competitors have a website. I don’t mean to intimidate you, but it’s true. Not having a website puts you at a disadvantage in more ways than one. Imagine the 4.66 billion active internet users globally who are potential visitors to your website.

Building a website allows you to market your products or services 24/7 to a large audience. Since COVID19 has inevitably pushed the market more online, you might become invisible to clients who matter.

Customers should access you at any time, wherever they are. It means you can still get leads even after your business hours. Besides, users should be able to access information conveniently in the comfort of their homes without the pressure to purchase.

Why does your business need a website? It acts as a company resume.

Use your website as a portfolio to show you’re doing well in business. Let’s say you’re into the service business; creating a video portfolio to show your client’s feedback is a bright idea.

Ask them to record and share their experience in a video format. You can add this to your portfolio. Such feedback is an excellent way for clients to earn your trust in your business. This additional marketing strategy will help expand your business and generate more profit.

Now that you know why your business needs a website. Go ahead and create one. The good news is that building a website is not as complicated as many assume. Though it depends on the complexity, you can easily create a basic website using a CMS like WordPress all by yourself. Good luck!