Why Your Business Must Have a Website

Your business is running successfully without a website. And so you might be wondering why you’d ever need to think about one. But the fact you found yourself reading this means you probably do. FYI: a significant number of online clients will visit a website before they purchase. Some businesses might be reluctant to go […]

6 Practical Steps to Secure your WordPress Website

Cyber security is a significant threat to businesses globally. According to recent data, an average of 30,000 websites get hacked daily, with a preference for WordPress websites. Cybercriminals are hellbent on attacking any unprotected website. What do I mean, then? Every business is at risk of a cyber attack, whether directly or indirectly. That’s why […]

Cyber Attacks: Common Website Security Threats

According to recent findings, cyber attacks pose a huge risk for businesses in 2022. Unfortunately, this challenge seems to gain momentum with time. Seven of eight countries reported cyber attacks as a major issue in their business in the past few years. So what does this mean for website managers? Any firm is at risk […]

Why Website Speed Matters

Patience is a virtue and is a great quality to have. But there comes a time when it goes out of the window. For most of us, we can barely wait beyond a few seconds for a website to load. A slow website can be nerve-wracking. The longer your web pages take to load, the […]

Improve Your YouTube SEO with 8 Tips

According to Statista, at least 2.6 billion people globally use YouTube once every month. With thousands of hours of video uploaded every hour, it’s easy to get buried deep. See also, social media trends in 2022. To get your video content to appear on search, ensure your videos are high in quality and optimized for […]

20 Productivity Tools for Your Business

As a small or a midsized business owner, it is possible that the first thing that comes to your mind every morning is ‘how am I going to be productive in my business?’  Communication and task handling in business took a sudden turn in the recent years thanks to Covid. It is crucial to evolve […]

Making Hybrid Work Work

What is Hybrid Work?  Hybrid working has become so popular in the recent past. Before 2020, you would have probably mentioned working from home, and everyone would have given you strange stares? It is safe to say Covid was not all that bad. At least we invented ways to work, earn an income, spend time […]